Emmie Mears
Emmie Mears
Emmie Mears writes the books they always needed to read about characters they wish they could be. Emmie is multilingual, autistic, agender, and a bad pescetarian.

Emmie makes their home on planet Earth, and (soon) more specifically in Glasgow, Scotland. They live with their partner and two rescued kitties who call Emmie and John a forever home.
A Hall of Keys and No Doors by Emmie Mears
A Winter's Romance published by BHC Press
Available Titles
Look To The Sun by Emmie Mears
Multi-Author Collections
Additional Information
Anne Of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery with an introduction by Emmie Mears
Storm in a Teacup by Emmie Mears
Any Port in a Storm by Emmie Mears
Eye of the Storm by Emmie Mears
Taken by Storm by Emmie Mears
Hearthfire by Emmie Mears
by Emmie Mears
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