Lexy Wolfe
Lexy Wolfe
Lexy Wolfe is the author of the highly acclaimed epic fantasy series The Sundered Lands Saga. After her time in the Army as a Russian linguist was cut short due to injuries, she continues serving as a translator in the business world. 

Lexy enjoys learning about everything and has a special love for all fields of science. Inspired by Carl Sagan, she set aside her childhood dream of becoming an astronaut and traveling to other worlds, and now weaves vivid worlds and vibrant characters into intricate stories.
The Raging One by Lexy Wolfe
The Knowing One by Lexy Wolfe
The Fallen One by Lexy Wolfe
The Timeless One by Lexy Wolfe
Divinity Impaired by Lexy Wolfe
The Unforeseen One by Lexy Wolfe
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