Sara Daniell
Sara Daniell is a wife and mother who spends her days teaching children and her nights loving her family, and finding time to immerse herself into her two creative passions. In her free time she not only writes unique and amazing stories, she also takes breathtaking pictures that capture her creative nature in color just like her writing captures her creative nature in print. She is an amazing woman who loves life and people. 
A Life Unexpected by Sara Daniell
An Unfortunate Journey—The Tale Of Orion by Sara Daniell
A Winter's Romance published by BHC Press
In Creeps The Night published by BHC Press
Anything Goes On A Friday Night by Sara Daniell
The Lost Elf by Sara Daniell
Summer Seventeen And You by Sara Daniel
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Sara Daniell
Under the Owl Tree by Sara Daniell
  • Sara is currently penning a project with illustrator Alli Kappen. Publication is set for fall 2017 under the Zoop imprint.
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