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The inspiration for Cat and Dog Stew came from my grandchildren Victoria and Austin. As I wrote the story about Lady Chelsea and Bobbin for them, I started thinking about all the pets we’ve had over the years, and my experiences with them inspired many of these stories.

Some of the background of the other animals: Chico (his real name was Chang), Thunder, and Mia were not family pets, but rather pets that belonged to friends. Belle in the book is the only animal made up of whole cloth. I put her in to balance the dogs. Whitey, Duke, Izod, Spanky, Missy, and Nikki were all family pets, and they were all wonderful. Nikki did indeed think he was a Doberman, and he was the love of my life. I still miss all those pets, and I still love them. They were a gift from God.

Judy Carpenter
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