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My love of Westerns stems from spending Sunday afternoons watching classics with my dad. John Wayne was larger than life in my home. I also loved reading and the adventures that writers like Louis L’Amour, Luke Short, and Zane Grey took me on and their stories gave me a love for western adventure. But my dad was my hero. He taught me to hunt, fish, and that a hero is just someone doing the right thing, because it’s the right thing—even if they are afraid or they themselves could be hurt. Thank you, Dad. I love you for showing me what a real man is.

Drawing upon my love of the Old West and the beauty of the Alaskan landscape when I was stationed in the Army, I penned the life and adventures of James Harding. He’s a young man who sees his entire family brutally slaughtered. It’s a shaky trail for James and these events send him on a collision course with himself. The message of revenge and justice, and hatred and grief is an important one to me. It reminds me of lazy Sunday afternoons spent with my dad and the lessons that I learned when I was young.

Phillip Hardy
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