The Raging One - Lexy Wolfe
The Knowing One - Lexy Wolfe
The Timeless One - Lexy Wolfe
The Fallen One - Lexy Wolfe

Doom and the Warrior by Lexy Wolfe
The Weeping Books Of Blinney Lane - Drea Damara
The Unforeseen One - Lexy Wolfe
Elements - Raymond Henri
Merlin's Knot - Mark Andersen
Kahtar: Warrior of the Ages - S.R. Karfelt
Heartless - S.R. Karfelt
Forever: The Constantines' Secret - S.R. Karfelt
Merlin's Weft - Mark Andersen
Look To The Sun - Emmie Mears
Beyond Farwin Wood - Drea Damara
Ophelia & Lyan Are Dead Meat - Spencer Stoner
The Third Life Of Ophelia - Spencer Stoner
The Consortium Chain - Harrington Martin
Jaliun by Harrington Martin
by Harrington Martin
Storm in a Teacup by Emmie Mears
Any Port in a Storm by Emmie Mears
Eye of the Storm by Emmie Mears
Taken by Storm by Emmie Mears
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Hearthfire by Emmie Mears
Ophelia, Demons & Money by Spencer Stoner
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Running With the Wolves by J.E. Reed
Light of Darkness by Lonnie Davidson
Light of Darkness
by Lonnie Davidson