A Life, Forward - Tracy Hewitt Meyer

A Life Unexpected by Sara Daniel
A Life, Freed - Tracy Hewitt Meyer
A Life, Redefined - Tracy Hewitt Meyer
Guardians of the Dead - S.L. Wilson
An Unfortunate Journey - Sara Daniell
Beneath The Rainbow - Lisa Shanbrook
Beneath The Old Oak - Lisa Shambrook
Beneath The Distant Star - Lisa Shambrook
Guardians of the Sky - S.L. Wilson
Anything Goes On A Friday Night - Sara Daniell
Summer Seventeen And You - Sara Daniel
The Reformation Of Marli Meade
Guardians Of The Lost Lands - S.L. Wilson
Dark Flowers - Caytlyn Brooke
IA: Initiate - John Darryl Winston
Under the Owl Tree by Sara Daniell
Oath Breaker by Shelley Wilson
The Rite Of Wands - Mackenzie Flohr
The Quest of the Prodigy by Claire Smith
Teen/Young Adult—Contemporary & Realistic Fiction
Wired by Caytlyn Brooke
by Caytlyn Brooke
Teen/Young Adult—Fantasy
Teen/Young Adult—Horror & Supernatural
Teen/Young Adult—Science Fiction & Steampunk
B.O.S.S. by John Darryl Winston
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Falling In Reverse by Sara Daniell
Falling In Reverse
by Sara Daniell
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IA: Union by John Darryl Winston
Remeon's Destiny by Jennifer Garrett
Remeon's Destiny
by Jennifer Garrett