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When Halloween
Was Green
Bernard K. Finnigan decided in the 6th grade he might want to be a novelist, then spent the next three decades doing anything but. Besides getting his Bachelors and Masters in Education from the University of Idaho, he’s worked as a burger flipper, furniture mover, substitute teacher, balloon vendor and Ambassador to the World at Disneyland. He honed his Halloween skills as a special effects make-up artist in Los Angeles and working for professional haunted houses throughout Idaho in the 1990s…  Read more
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The Irish monsters of Halloween have returned...

The scare in Halloween is gone from Middle America. With its celebrity-obsessed culture preferring glitter, pirates, and princesses, Keith and Benny MacCool's frightening haunted house attraction isn't what it used to be. When the few remaining Halloween enthusiasts in town start turning up dead, the MacCools unearth the source of the problem: something has awakened from Halloween's distant past. The Celtic monsters and legends of old Ireland have discovered modern man has dumbed-down every tradition that once protected mortals on the scariest night of the year. And they have plans this Halloween.But Keith and Benny have survived a lifetime of personal demons and possess insider knowledge of every Halloween fright ever devised. When the sun sets on October 31st, the MacCools are the only ones who can confront the Celtic horrors not witnessed in 2000 years. Things are about to get scary—fast.
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