The prequel to Vassal, the Second Book of Tir Athair, Darrion tells of a young child with magical gifts during the chaos started within Minstrel. Once the gifted elite, those born with magic now must submit to the king for use within his war. 

Can Darrion’s mother keep her son away from the army while he still has a childhood left? Or will she lose her head for refusing to surrender her child?
Darrion - Marissa Ames
Minstrel - Marissa Ames
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Marissa Ames
Marissa Ames
Tir Athair, Short
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ISBN-13: 978-0692243749
ISBN-10: 0692243747
Page Count: 56
Audio Run Time: 1hr
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"Darrion" is a short story that gets me quite excited to see what else Marissa Ames has in store for readers. In just a few pages, Ames creates a rich and vibrant story full of emotion and intrigue. The author has created a romance that tugs at the heartstrings and, from this joining, a potential hero that readers will want to learn about. I can’t help but wonder what sort of future lies in wait for Darrion. I see a lot of potential in this series...
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Vassal - Marissa Ames
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