Who holds your loyalties? Tir Athair still battles the north, and refugees still face torture for trying to flee oppression. As heiress to Fief Collum, Aislin knows her position is tenuous. She adheres to even the most unjust laws so her liege cannot revoke her land. When her uncle sends six burly men to work on her fief, she is wary of his intentions and their identities. All of the men have secrets, especially Darrion, whose own secret could get her executed simply for giving him a place to live. As the Earl of Edurne exerts control, Aislin must make a decision she has long avoided. Soon she is trapped between her liege, an illegal brotherhood, and a monarchy that keeps no laws to control either. Aislin must decide whether to fight or keep hiding. And as she learns the truth about those she loves, she must decide who holds her loyalties.
Vassal - Marissa Ames
Darrion - Marissa Ames
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Marissa Ames
Marissa Ames
Tir Athair, Book 2
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ISBN-13: 978-0692243763
ISBN-10: 0692243763
Page Count: 428
$  4.99

Minstrel - Marissa Ames
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