Colleen Hierath
Colleen Hierath is a speaker and author. Raised in Alberta, Canada, she is the youngest of eight children. She worked as an executive recruiter in the U.S for twenty-five years before returning to Alberta in 2010. She has three daughters, Haley, Shea and Quinn.  

Her life took a dramatic turn as a result of a car accident that left her body battered and brain scrambled. She survived death three times, multiple surgeries and a coma. Unwilling to accept these circumstances, Colleen has rallied back. It’s taken twenty-six years to relearn how to talk, walk, write, and live. She is grateful for the competitive mindset she's always had and the determination to reclaim her mind, body and spirit.

Colleen now spends her time sharing her story and how she trained herself back to life so others can do the same.
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Colleen Hierath
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