D.M. Kilgore
D.M. Kilgore is a Freelance Writer, Novelist, and Literary Hitwoman for hire. She loves being a writing gypsy and dipping her toes into the sparkling stream of whatever genre she happens to be dancing by when inspiration strikes.  

After midnight, D.M. can be found dancing through the moonlit waters of multiple genres with a bloody pen in one hand and a magic wand in the other.  

She’s currently prancing through poetic puddles, making a splash in the blood-tinged waters of suspense filled thrillers, and twirling her toes in the glittery streams of young adult paranormal fantasy. She insists she’s found her niche, if not her groove. If you can hear the music, dance along with her.  
Final Judgment by D.M. Kilgore
Books by D.M. Kilgore 
D.M. Kilgore
In Creeps The Night published by BHC Press
A Winter's Romance published by BHC Press
Contributing Author
Final Judgment
Releases: TBA
Tales by the Tree published by BHC Press
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