Harrington Martin
Harrington Martin
I'm a lover of all things fantastical in nature, a fancier of eclectic music, an owner of taste buds that enjoy almost anything, and a strong proponent of all things diverse. If there's a way to cram a multitude of ideas into a single work of art, I'm guilty of it.

Growing up in Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Alaska, I've molded a certain 'northern' attitude. I prefer the climates of the northern United States and, in particular, the larger cities that have taken root in the cold. I've always been a city kid. Always will be, I'd imagine. Though I've been a lifelong resident of the U.S., I always consider myself a citizen of the world first and an American second; I wish more of my countrymen shared this belief.

The arts have always been in my blood. I had a passion for writing at a very early age and began to create fanciful tales of horror and fantasy. The pen and paper were very important. Words of my childhood were eventually supplanted by musical notes, and the various stories that I had constructed crept away from me. Then, after the better part of two decades playing music, I decided to retire my bass guitar and get back to the passion I'd pursued at an earlier age, dumping my imagination into a series of words. Music was a powerful part of life but the writer in me had a lot of catching up to do. I replaced the pen and paper for a lovely construct called a computer. Thus was the birth of the Consortium Chain trilogy. After a few years away from music, that mantle of sound has been taken up again; music and writing dancing with each other over the course of my existence. I now have my two greatest artistic loves back in the fold. The words and music now flow again and I couldn't be happier. I will forever embrace the wonderful saga of my boundless imagination.

Life has been quite good to me. I enjoy a relatively simple life in the suburbs. I live with the most amazing woman in the world who continues to inspire me to be better. I'm within a short drive of my beautiful daughter and granddaughter. I have a particularly cute cat that won't leave me alone and knows how to push my buttons, and I have a loving, extended family that I'll always cherish.
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The Consortium Chain - Harrington Martin
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