Natalie Gibson
Natalie Gibson
Born and raised in northeast Texas, Natalie Gibson adores the color green and reveres the forest and the tortoise. Get her too far from the pine tree farm she grew up on, and she can’t breathe. Natalie has always loved reading, but it wasn’t until her daughter was born in 2008 that she discovered the joy of writing. Her stories always have strong females who change the world, magical creatures that battle their baser natures, and seriously evil bad guys who don’t. Natalie’s fantastical worlds coexist with our own; otherworldly violence, sexuality, and the supernatural are hidden behind a thin veil.
Hateful Burden by Natalie Gibson
For the Love of Magic by Natalie Gibson
In Creeps the Night published by BHC Press
Wretched Blood by Natalie Gibson
The Carrier Trilogy
A Winter's Romance published by BHC Press
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The Dying Art of Magic by Natalie Gibson
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