Shelley Wilson
Shelley Wilson
Shelley Wilson is a word nerd with a passion for storytelling and a mission to inspire and entertain. She is an English multi-genre author of YA fiction and motivational self-help titles.

She lives in a leafy suburb in the West Midlands, UK with her three children and a spoilt black cat called Luna. Shelley is a solo traveller, searching for stories and inspiration in her VW campervan called Snoopy, and is obsessed with exploring castles and researching anything mythological, supernatural, or historical.

When she’s not writing, she enjoys eating pizza, paddleboarding, drawing, driving Snoopy, singing loudly (and badly), and rewatching old shows.

Guardians of the Dead by Shelley Wilson
Guardians of the Sky by Shelley Wilson
Guardians of the Lost Lands by Shelley Wilson
Motivate Me! by Shelley Wilson
Books by Shelley Wilson
In Creeps the Night published by BHC Press
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How I Changed My Life in a Year! by Shelley Wilson
How I Motivated Myself to Succeed! by Shelley Wilson
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Releases: 5/21/2024