Bitch Witch by S.R. Karfelt
A Hall of Keys and No Doors by Emmie Mears
A Symphony of Dragons by Lisa Shambrook
Contemporary Fiction
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Just Bill by Barry Knister
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A Widow's Awakening by Maryanne Pope
Akela by Ryan Uytdewilligen
The Window is a Mirror by Michael Andreoni
Girls I Know by Robert Hoxie
Girls I Know
by Robert Hoxie
Jarod's Heart - Elise Manion
Jason's Princess - Elise Manion
Josh's Challenge by Elise Manion
The Immortal City by Amy Kuivalainen
Trailer Baby by Kathryn Pearson
Trailer Baby
by Kathryn Pearson
Shelter: Lost and Found by R.A. Conroy