Solitude - J.S. Bailey
Servant - J.S. Bailey
The Anything Goes Girl - Barry Knister
Out Of The Flames - Rebecka Vigus
Crossing The Line - Rebecka Vigus

Sanctuary - Rebecka Vigus
Deliver Us From Darkness - W. Franklin Lattimore
Deep North - Barry Knister
Rage's Echo - J.S. Bailey
River's Edge - Rebecka Vigus
Karma - Judith Blevins
When Darkness Comes - W. Franklin Lattimore
Sacrifice - J.S. Bailey
Target of Vengeance - Rebecka Vigus
Rogue Justice - Judith Blevins & Carroll Multz
Fractured Nation - Kurt Winans
Chasing Vengeance - Drea Damara
The Steel Van Man - Jason P. Stadtlnader
Ordinary Souls - J.S. Bailey
Eve Of Redemption - Tom Mohan
The Plagiarist - Judith Blevins & Carroll Multz
Murder in a Very Small Town - Greg Jolley
Godsend - Barry Knister
Behind the Darkness - W. Franklin Lattimore
Rescue Mountain by Rebecka Vigus
Surrender by J.S. Bailey
Paragon by Judith Blevins
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Madame Koska And The Imperial Brooch by Ilil Arbel
Suspense & Thriller—Contemporary
Suspense & Thriller—Legal
Suspense & Thriller—Military & Spy
Suspense & Thriller—Supernatural
Lone Star Rising by Kurt Winans
Where's Karen? - Greg Jolley
The Lumberjack by Erik Martin Willén
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No Death for the Wicked by Drea Damara
The Enemy Within by Kurt Winans
SKA: Serial Killers Anonymous by William Schlichter
Secrets by Rebecka Vigus
Malice in a Very Small Town by Greg Jolley
Blood of the Fae by Tom Mohan
Spiderweb by Judith Blevins & Carroll Multz
A Desperate Plea by Judith Blevins & Carroll Multz
Suspense & Thriller—Cozies
Final Judgement by D.M. Kilgore
Final Judgement
by D.M. Kilgore
The Méjico Connection by Judith Blevins & Carroll Multz
Lust for Revenge by Judith Blevins & Carroll Multz
Eyewitness by Judith Blevins & Carroll Multz
Solemnity by J.S. Bailey
Madame Koska & Le Spectre de la Rose
The Immortal Prudence Blackwood by Stephanie Grey
Kamanda by Judith Blevins & Carroll Multz
Going Dark by Jolene Grace
Hidden in Plain Sight by TS Teller