It’s been two years since aspiring novelist and English teacher Malcolm Aton has had any contact with his family. Ever since his divorce and the loss of his mother to cancer, his relationship with his father has been strained.

When he receives an urgent text from his brother, he learns the devastating news that their father’s memory issues have progressed. He’s now violent and at the end stages of Alzheimer’s disease.

Although confrontation with his father is imminent, Malcolm reluctantly agrees to return home for the weekend and take on the mantle of caregiver while they contend with the difficult decision of how to care for their father. As is the case with everything involving his family, nothing goes as expected.

Unapologetically honest, Renewal is the story of a family learning to cope with the crippling diseases of cancer and Alzheimer’s, of allowing old wounds to heal, of a patriarch coming to terms with the deterioration of his memory and identity, and of Malcolm coming into his own by taking on the ultimate responsibility of caregiver.

Renewal by Joseph Falank
Joseph Falank
ISBN Numbers:
Hardcover:  978-1-64397-307-4
Softcover:   978-1-64397-308-1
Ebook:         978-1-64397-309-8 
LCCN: 2021944531

Page Count: 240 HC | 272 SC
Release Date: 9/13/2022
Fiction | Literary | Family Life
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Joseph Falank
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Joseph Falank
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Hardcover, Softcover, Ebook, Audiobook
Hardcover, Softcover, Ebook
Hardcover, Softcover, Ebook
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Ebook, Audiobook
Hardcover, Softcover
Hardcover, Softcover, Ebook
Hardcover, Softcover
“Omg...I don't have words for this book. With even a heavy heart and a book hangover this book I have to say is just fantastic.
—Diane M., Goodreads Reviewer
“Wow! This book was amazing!
—LibraryThing Early Reviewers
“Inspirational and educational, this saga of a son struggling to cope with his elderly father's Alzheimer's tugs at the heart. Well-written, you care about the characters in this book…the journey is worthwhile.
—Gary T., NetGalley Reviewer
“a wonderful, heartbreaking, real depiction of a man's journey with the dreaded Alzheimer's disease.
—Laurie P., NetGalley Reviewer
“a story that digs deep into the human soul creating a flood of emotions. This is one book I can’t stop talking about…
—Jackie S., NetGalley Reviewer
“sad and inspirational, loved the story.
—Teresa T., NetGalley Reviewer
“Loved the book. Especially fitting right now. Liked the angles from each character.
—Kay O., Goodreads Reviewer
“What a beautifully written book. This book took me away from this crazy world and filled me with all the feels.
—Kathleen J., Goodreads Reviewer
“I was invested in this book from the very beginning…an amazing job at telling the story of family, Alzheimer's, and renewal.
—Andrea, Goodreads Reviewer
“Lots of life in this book with an emphasis on families dealing with Alzheimers.
—Katherina M., NetGalley Reviewer
“an honest, raw, gut wrenching, heartbreaking novel about the reality of Alzheimer’s…it will stay with you. I highly suggest everyone read this one. It’s a book that you don’t want to miss.
The Book Addict
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“What a beautifully written book. It touched my soul and I felt the pang of becoming the caretaker of a parent. I have done this. [This book] is one that speaks to educate…thank you for the privilege of reading this.
—Edna G., NetGalley Reviewer
“well written and describes well the challenges that family members and those afflicted with this horrible disease face.
—Pam R., NetGalley Reviewer
“The story evoked a lot of empathy and compassion for the situation. I feel the author did an excellent job portraying the situation.
—Di, Goodreads Reviewer
Nominee: 2023 Pushcart Prize