Meet Our Intern Team
Thank you to all of our amazing interns. We couldn’t do what we do without you, and we appreciate all your hard work!
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Our Fall 2018 Editing Intern Team
Kathryn is a senior English Literature and Writing major at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul. If she had to choose a favorite punctuation mark, it would be the em dash. She takes her creamer with a dash of coffee. 
Kathryn Boice
Amanda is a lifelong lover of words. She is passionate about stories and helping writers put theirs out into the world. When she’s not reading, she can likely be found watching too much TV. She lives in Michigan with her husband, dog, and two cats. 
Amanda Lewis                            (Returning Intern)
Amanda Matkowski received her B.A. in Creative Writing with a specialization in fiction writing at Oakland University. She enjoys reading fantasy, sci-fi, and adventure—and has a soft spot for YA. She lives near Detroit, Michigan.
Amanda Matkowski               (Returning Intern)
Rebecca earned her Bachelors in English in fall 2016, and she is currently an English graduate student in Professional Writing. Her love for the written word began as a child with The Baby-Sitters Club and has only grown ever since, manifesting itself into the desire to work in publishing.
Rebecca Rue                          (Returning Intern)
Publishing Assistant Interns
Kathryn graduated from the University of Michigan with a B.A. in Creative Writing and minors in Russian Language, Literature, and History, and Russian Studies. Her work has been published in magazines, reviews, journals, and an anthology collection.

She is now a screenwriter for an animation company and her screenplay "The Adventures of Star Girl and the Marble Roller" won the National Film Festival for Talented Youth's 2018 Story Start's Here Screenplay Competition!


Kathryn Orwig
Rebecca Fischer was born and raised in the Sierra Nevada foothills of California. She recently graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a Bachelors in Creative Writing with a focus in nonfiction. When she’s not reading or writing, she plays cowgirl on her family’s cattle ranch.
Rebecca Fischer
Upcoming Internships:

We are now accepting applications for our Winter Editing Internship.

Application deadline: Wednesday, November 28
Internship begins: Friday, January 4, 2019 
Internship ends: Friday, April 26, 2019

To learn more about our internship, click here

To submit an application:

Submit via or email: [email protected] with subject line internship application.

Paige is a rising junior at Connecticut College majoring in English. Her adoration of reading rivals her passion for grammar.
Paige Brauser
Flannery recently graduated from The University of St. Andrews in Scotland with a degree in English Literature. She has been an avid writer all her life, and will read pretty much anything. In her free time, she loves travel, trivia, and watching movies that are so bad they’re good.
Flannery Wise
Sara Haskins is a junior college student pursuing a major in both Professional and Creative Writing in Ohio. Her love for the written word began with handmade comics and reading books that others told her she was too young for. After graduating, she hopes to work in publishing.
Sara Haskins
Caren has been teaching English since 2001 and holds an M.A. in ESL and a B.A. in German. Her passion and knack for the English language naturally led her to writing and editing. When not working, Caren can be found listening to hip-hop, reading murder mysteries, or watching stand-up comedy.
Caren Hayden
After graduating with a degree in education, Misty Fetzer enjoyed ten years of teaching English Language Arts to middle school students. While she prefers a hint of mystery, Misty will read anything in pursuit of a new favorite. She enjoys life in Sportsman's Paradise with her charming husband and Daisy, the Weimaraner. 
Misty Fetzer
  • Candace Archie
  • Alexander Horn
Our Other Fall Interns
Toria Smith received her B.A. in English with a minor in Foreign Language from Northwestern State University. She is currently pursuing her M.A. in English at the University of New Orleans. When she’s not editing, Toria can be found writing and producing songs or teaching Krav Maga. 
Toria Smith