Permissions Frequently Asked Questions
What is copyright permission?
All content in our books is protected by copyright law. In order to use any material in any of our books, such as a passage, excerpt, or quote, you must obtain permission from us to use.

When do I apply for permission?
Request should be submitted when the specific material is selected and all details are known.

How do I submit my request?
All requests must be submitted through our online form. 

What if I don’t have a publisher?
Do not apply for permission at this time. Permission requests should only be submitted when you have a signed contract with a publisher. 

Do you grant permission for all languages or editions for future use?
No. We only grant for each edition and language separately. A separate request should be submitted for each language desired.

How do I provide print run information for print-on-demand or ebook only publication?
Estimate the number of copies you would like covered under our contract. List each format separately. If sales exceed the contract limit(s), you will need to request permission again.

What if I don’t have all my publication information?
In order for BHC Press to grant permission, we must know publication date, page count, sales price, and print run information. An estimate can be provided or submit at a later date when you have all the necessary information.

Is permission from BHC Press still required if an author has granted permission directly?
Yes. We provide permission rights on the behalf of the copyright holder. Requests are not considered granted until a permissions license agreement is in place.

What happens after the request is submitted?
All requests are reviewed by our permissions team to ensure all necessary information has been submitted. Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed. Please ensure your submission contains all necessary information. We require a minimum of eight weeks to review all requests. Please only follow up if we have not responded to your request within eight weeks.

If you have not heard back from us or received a license contract, do not assume that permission is granted. Permission is granted only when we send a formal license and it is received by the requester.

How long does it take to receive a license and how will I receive it?
BHC Press will email the license after the usage fee is paid. Licenses are emailed within five days after payment. 

Can I use a photograph, illustration, map, or other graphic content from one of your publications?
No. We do not grant this type of permission request.

Author photos
For author photo usage, please email us direct at books (at) bhcpress (dot) com.
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