Ben Adams
Ben Adams
Ben Adams grew up in a small Kansas town that he lovingly remembers for its Main Street parades, campsite bonfires, and a local PBS station that broadcasted reruns of 60s and 70s science fiction shows, including Doctor Who and The Twilight Zone. In this small-town environment, Adams was encouraged to be as creative and crazy as possible. He quickly discovered two outlets for his overactive imagination: writing and music.

After high school, Adams decided to pursue a career in music. He attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music, to which he credits for his tireless work ethic. After recording four albums and starting his own record label, Adams found himself experiencing a unique blend of burnout and feeling unfulfilled. He decided to take a break from music and return to his original love: writing. 

Since then, Adams has authored two critically acclaimed novels: The Enigmatologist and The Resurrectionist. His work has been called “Vividly imaginative and unassumingly assured …” and “… deliriously enjoyable.” He currently resides in Oakland, California and is currently working on his next novel. 
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Releases: 6/7/2022
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