The Haunting of Crimshaw Manor
Every town has a mystery.
The Crimshaw family were once the caretakers of the prestigious Strathmore Estate. After the great blizzard of 1868, the townspeople found Elizabeth Crimshaw’s body hanging from the banister. Her young son and husband were declared missing and never found. 

Every town has a legend.
The locals say they have seen Elizabeth’s ghost and that the manor is haunted. Others claim to have heard a woman’s scream and have witnessed strange lights and shadow people.

Some mysteries are better left unsolved.
What really happened to the promising Crimshaw family? Are the rumors surrounding the family true? Intent on investigating these claims, Stephen Davenport, adjunct professor of Paranormal Studies at Strathmore University, along with students from the school’s paranormal investigations club begin a weekend investigation.

What they find confirms their beliefs in the paranormal—and challenges them to simply stay alive.  
The Haunting of Crimshaw Manor by Mark Drotos
Mark E. Drotos
ISBN Numbers:
Hardcover:  978-1-64397-245-9
Softcover:   978-1-64397-246-6
Ebook:         978-1-64397-247-3 
LCCN: 2020940647

Page Count: 266
Release Date: 7/12/2022
Fiction | Horror
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Mark E. Drotos
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Mark E. Drotos
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Hardcover, Softcover, Ebook, Audiobook
Hardcover, Softcover, Ebook
Hardcover, Softcover, Ebook
Hardcover, Softcover
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Formats Available: Hardcover, Softcover, Ebook
Ebook, Audiobook
Hardcover, Softcover
Hardcover, Softcover, Ebook
“a deliciously creepy wonderful addition to the horror genre.
—S. Mathews, bookstore owner and NetGalley Reviewer
“one of those fun reads that breezes along and pulls you into its tale before you realize it…If you are a fan of Darcy Coates, Ghost Adventures or Amy's Crypt this book will be fun and hits the right notes…
—K. Halter, Goodreads Reviewer
“I loved the story. It was well-written and I was definitely invested…
—S. Burris, Goodreads Reviewer
“a thrill ride from beginning to end. I could not put this book down. Absolutely recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of King or Patterson or just wants a really good horror novel with a few laughs thrown in.
—S. Rowland, Goodreads Reviewer
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“Whoa! What a ride. It was very fast-paced…kept me hooked…
—T. Guthrie, NetGalley Reviewer
“an atmospheric and easy read – I would say perfect for a holiday.
—L. Benson, NetGalley Reviewer
“An interesting tale…If you enjoy ghostly encounters, paranormal research, a bit of romance, and solving a hundred year old mystery, this one’s for you!
—K. McKenna, NetGalley Reviewer
“[a] spine-chilling debut... Fans of haunted house tales are sure to be pleased.
Publishers Weekly
“ I love ghost stories and this was a wonderful, frightening, suspenseful modern ghost story. I couldn't put the book down.
—LibraryThing Early Reviewers
“There are some genuinely creepy moments and overall an entertaining read.
—S. Lee, NetGalley Reviewer
“Reading it in the dark, I had to stop and turn the light on…
—Sugar Spice Coffee
“If you like traditional haunted house like stories with great characters, this is it.
—J. Mileski, NetGalley Reviewer
Hardcover, Softcover
“This book consumed all of my attention…an incredible read.
—J. Thomas, NetGalley Reviewer
“being a fan of a good haunted house story and there were more than a few chilling chapters in this book which kept me well entertained…and there's a lot of creepy action to enjoy here.
—Grab This Book