Self-Help for the Helpless
Bestselling self-help author and award-winning personal development blogger Shelley Wilson takes the fear out of self-help and makes it fun, helping you to make easy, positive changes to improve your life right now. Includes her 31-day self-help toolkit.

Have you ever felt helpless? Are you struggling to understand why you feel disconnected from your friends or family? Are you mystified by the words self-help, self-care, and personal development? Are you looking for answers but really have no idea where to begin?

In this beginner’s guide to personal development and understanding self-care, Shelley Wilson will show you how looking after your own needs can be a powerful tool for your mental, physical, and emotional health so you can begin making important changes today.

Discover what self-help means, how to become more self-aware, understand core values, and have fun mapping out what your best life looks like. Shelley includes tips, tools, and techniques and shares her 31-day self-help toolkit. 

Be the person you deserve to be and join bestselling self-help author and award-winning personal development blogger Shelley Wilson on a journey of self-discovery. 

Self-help for the Helpless by Shelley Wilson
Shelley Wilson
ISBN Numbers:
Softcover:  978-1-64397-173-5
Ebook:        978-1-64397-174-2
LCCN: 2020936636

Page Count: 108
Release Date: 12/2/2021
$21.99 (NEW)
Nonfiction / Self-help
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Hardcover, Softcover, Ebook
Hardcover, Softcover, Ebook
Hardcover, Softcover, Ebook
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Hardcover, Softcover
Hardcover, Softcover
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Softcover, Ebook
Shelley Wilson
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Shelley Wilson
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“Today, after an emotionally challenging day yesterday, I woke up and knew I wanted to do something for me, so I picked up Self Help for the Helpless by Shelley Wilson and I couldn’t put it down! Relatable. Practical. Brilliant. I read it cover to cover before I even got out of bed (sorry kids… breakfast was late today). A wonderful and easy introduction for anyone who is not sure where to start with self-care and self-help (there is a difference as Shelley points out from the start) with simple tasks and questions throughout to get you started. I resonated with so much, it brought tears to my eyes, made me chuckle throughout and more importantly opened my mind to even more tools for my (and my clients) mental and physical health. I also now have my perfect day planned. Thank you Shelley for sharing this gem that will help so many.
—Ali Swift, Author/Talent Director & Radio Presenter/Wellness Coach
“A good introduction to navigating self-help and reevaluating yourself and your life goals, purpose, etc.
—Cindy, NetGalley Reviewer
“This is so necessary for everyone to read in life. Highly recommend.
—Mandy Hazen, Goodreads Reviewer
“There are many great books out there to help the downtrodden, and Self-Help for the Helpless will hopefully rise to the top of the list.
—Ann Siebert, Goodreads Reviewer
“A sincere lovely read… “SELF HELP” is essential for ALL.
—Lucia Maldonado, Educator & NetGalley Reviewer
“This short and quick read packs a punch in understanding the concept of self-help in terms of self care. While most self-help books and videos tell you to live a certain way, Wilson’s approach focuses on the individual, without comparisons on what should or must be done.
—Tomes and Tales
“I liked this book.
—Read Bit By Bit
Self-Help for the Helpless is relevant to everyone. The book is full of great tips, advice and techniques. Well worth a read.
—Touring Tales