The Torn
The Torn - LaDonna Cole
"When you think of reading a novel set in a camp for troubled teens, "The Torn" is not what you think of at all. The teamwork that is required by the teens to complete the jumps, the trust and the openness that they must share is amazing. Each jump for each person is a wonderful lesson for the reader. The characters all deal with things that the everyday teen will be facing and so the whole book is inspirational and encouraging. LaDonna Cole gives the reader romance, adventure, fantasy, and at the same time answers to deal with some of the most pressing problems of youth today. The feelings of worthlessness, self-hatred, parental divorce, abandonment, being unlovable, and so much more. Parents and adults will find it a warming read, and even may find information to help them talk to young people dealing with these issues."
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The Keepers - LaDonna Cole
LaDonna Cole
The Source - LaDonna Cole
LaDonna Cole
Holding Kate, Book 1
Trade Softcover 
ISBN:  978-1-946848-78-9
LCCN: 2017951013

Page Count: 312
Release Date: 8/26/2017
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Softcover, Ebook
Softcover, Ebook
Softcover, Ebook
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Abducted to exotic worlds in quantum spheres, a 16 year old beauty, Kate Wilson, and a team of teen misfits confront inner monsters and demons brought to life by quantum science. Dragons, aliens, sentient tornadoes, and tree dwelling natives terrorize them as they fight for survival on strange planets and other worlds, and struggle to overcome emotional turmoil and mental illness. Kate is torn between sizzling passion and loyal stability, when two very different boys vie for her attentions. Trapped between self-loathing and independence, Kate must choose to live with horrifying consequences or kill the monster who loves her. A romantic thriller with action packed adventure, passion, science fiction and fantasy overtones for young adult readers of all ages.
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